Future Worm (2015)
I was an Animator on Future Worm. I was responsible for a lot of the animation in the intro including the Ben Franklin/Pterodactyl shots around 0:30
Software used: Toon Boom Harmony

The Awesomes (Hulu, 2013-2014)

I was a Key Animator for season 1 and 2 of The Awesomes. I was responsible for keying/breaking down this sequence.
Software used: Toon Boom Harmony

 Out There (IFC, 2013)

I was a Tween Animator for the beginning Season 1 of Out There and a Key Animator towards the end. I broke down and inbetweened this scene, and animated that gross dance at 1:10.
Software used: Toon Boom Harmony

Protecting the Nursery of the Sea (WWF, 2012)

I was commissioned to create this video for the World Wildlife Fund in 2012. I was responsible for all storyboarding, design, animation, compositing, and editing.
Software used: Adobe Flash, Illustrator, and After Effects

Behind the Electronic Curtain (IIP State, 2012)

I worked as an animator on this short informational film. I did all character animation starting at 0:15. I also helped out with previs and character development
Software used: Adobe Flash

Gigacon ID (AIW, 2010)   
I created this short film introducing a new convention. I was responsible for all storyboarding, character setup, and  character animation.
Software used: Toon Boom Animate, Adobe Photoshop, After Effects, and Premiere.